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Ant Control

Ant InfestationIf you have had a major ant problem in the past, you will understand that these are not like most pests as they can live in colonies consisting of millions of individuals. These colonies can live outside your property and are also common to be nest in your roof void, wall void or your subfloor.

Simply Pest and Termites use Termidor outside your home in combination with other non-repellent insecticides inside your home to bring your ant problem under control.

Termidor is a non-repellent insecticide, which means the ants do not know it’s there and cannot avoid it. Ants pick up the Termidor and spread it to ants throughout the colony due to the unique transfer effect of Termidor.

Termidor Ant Control

Termidor Ant Control

It is important to note that many ‘do it yourself’ ant treatments can make the problem worse!

Please call Simply Pest and Termites, we are experts in providing Ant Control solutions to your property.

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