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Rodent Control

There are many reasons to control Rodents at your commercial and residential property, the main reasons are to control damage to property, control disease and illnesses to your employees, family and friends, and also to reduce food contamination.

Some examples of what can occur if a rodent management program is not implemented at your property include:-

Damage to Property

Rodents Can Damage Electrical Wiring.

Rodents Can Damage Electrical Wiring.

– It is estimated that 20% of the world’s fires caused by an unknown origin, are caused by rodents gnawing on electrical wiring.

– Rodents can also damage stored goods, insulation and air conditioning ducting and piping among other things.

– Rodents can gnaw holes in the ceiling, walls and flooring and can damage and stain surfaces with their droppings and urine.

Cause Diseases and Illnesses/Food Contamination

Rodents Can Make You Sick

Rodents Can Make You Sick

Studies have shown a link between rodent allergies and asthma symptoms.

– Rodent borne diseases can be spread by rodent faeces, with symptoms in humans including fever, muscle aches, nausea and vomiting.

– Diseases include Hantavirus, Food Poisoning, Asthma and Leptospirosis.

– Rodents also contaminate 20% of the world’s supply annually.

At Simply Pest and Termites we can implement a Rodent Management program at your Commercial or Domestic Premise to suit your requirements. We use genuine Bell Laboratories baits and rodent stations the world leader in Rodent Control Technology.

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