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Termite Inspections

Termite Damage in Tree

Termite  Workings in Tree

Termite Inspections are designed to minimize the damage Termites do to your property, and it is important that Inspection are performed regularly by a Company that has all the right equipment.

Simply Pest and Termites has all the right equipment and use Moisture Encounters and Thermal Imaging Equipment in all Termite Inspections, and if we suspect termite activity we use Termatrac which is a non-invasive inspection tool.

Full Colour Electronic Report with Photos :-

  • discovery of visible previous termite activity
  • any visible current activity found
  • identification of the species (if there is infestation)
  • provide a range of eradication treatments
  • indicate what monitoring and future reviewing may be needed
  • provide information on what you can do to protect your property once eradication is complete.

    Termite Damage in Walls

    Termite Damage in Walls

A thorough inspection will show you how to identify any potential risk, know what to look for and how to act to protect your home in the future.

Simply Pest and Termites have the right equipment and are licensed, insured and accredited to perform Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspections.

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Termatrac Radar Tool

Termatrac Radar Tool